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Worship and Arts Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to usher in the presence of God and invite people into praise and worship through anointed music. Our goal is to uplift and encourage everyone who participates in our corporate praise. Through psalms, hymns and spiritual songs we break free from binding chains thus preparing our hearts to be rich soil for the Word to take root and grow.

Liturgical Dance Ministry

The Liturgical Dance Ministry’s purpose is to bring people into praise and worship through Christian expression of movement in the body. The Dance Ministry prepares our spirits to be rich soil for the Word to take root and grow through the interpretation of spiritual songs in dance. This ministry is also comprised of our Mime Ministry and Sign Ministry.

Men’s and Women’s Ministry

These groups are designed for male and female members, ages 18 and over. These two groups, led by Bishop and Lady Turpin show men and women how to fulfill the role God has designed for them. The Women’s Ministry meet every 5th Saturday. The Men’s Fellowship meet every month. Exact dates are TBA.

Singles’ Fellowship

The purpose of this fellowship is to minister to those who are unmarried for any reason (widowed, divorced, never married before or separated).

Marriage Ministry

This ministry is conducted for the benefit of those who are presently married, engaged, newly married, and couples who are seriously dating that want to enrich the marital relationship.

Children and Youth Department

These ministries are designed to minister to children of all ages; lessons are taught from in an environment conducive to young people. These groups will meet twice a month for meetings and special activities. On the 2nd and 4th Fridays, during the 11:15 am service, the youth will display what they have learned through song, dance, or presentation.